The Marlyn Group is a parking services consultancy.   We offer comprehensive operations and proprietary, customizable, best practice resources for private and public organizations competing in a marketplace that is rapidly becoming more sophisticated.

We'll help you level the playing field.

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We're Consultants

At The Marlyn Group, we build relationships with our clients so we can gain a full understanding of their business and the unique challenges each face.


We'll Navigate

uDrive is an online resource that contains libraries of over 160 parking specific documents in the areas of HR, Training, Operations and Audit.


Our Team

We partner with private and public organizations to provide comprehensive deliverables that blend best practices with parking world reality.

  • "The Toledo Ticket HR Department was able to put several key uDrive documents immediately to use to the benefit of our employees and my own peace of mind."- Tom Carter, President, Toledo Ticket
  • "Propark recently undertook two companywide initiatives related to updating our standard operating procedures and operational audit practices. The Marlyn Group was instrumental in making both of these improvements a reality. Partnering with this group allowed us to shorten our development timelines while ensuring best in class practices were implemented across the organization as part of both programs' launch." - Richard P. DiPietro, President, Propark
  • "uDrive provides a support system for our team, enabling them to successfully resolve day-to-day challenges unique to the parking industry. With all the resources available to our HR, Operations and Revenue Integrity Maximization Leadership, we can accelerate the development and implementation on any given number of programs while taking advantage of the best practices built within each tool."- Andrew C. Blair, President & CEO, Colonial Parking
  • The team at The Marlyn Group has a strong focus on organizational development, lifelong learning and a philosophy that brings high value to clients. The dedication, expertise & client-centered approach of The Marlyn Group brings clients tangible strategic value."- Christine Banning, President, National Parking Association
  • "My company recently went through a transitional stage requiring a complete revamping of our Human Resources department. I immediately turned to The Marlyn Group to aid Minuteman Parking during this time of change. The Marlyn Group completed a comprehensive Human Resources assessment which has brought to my company a new HR team structure that's better aligned to meet our business needs. I would highly recommend them as a valuable asset to any team."- Chris Fox, President, Minuteman Parking Company
  • “uDrive is a significant time saver for our HR and Ops team at Bags. When we are looking to implement a new Standard Operating Procedure or update our current Training Programs, we look to uDrive to find answers.”- Dan Sherfield, Sr. Vice President, Hospitality & Parking Services at Bags Inc