Finding the right fit

Did you know that 20% of employees resign within 90 days of being hired? In contrast, Marlyn Group has a proven track record of finding the right opportunities for job seekers – and 98% of them have remained in their new roles to this day. By joining our network of smart, talented professionals, we can match you up with job openings that fit your unique skillset.



Navigating the professional landscape can be overwhelming, but with the help of an experienced guide, it doesn't have to be. Drawing on our decades of insight into the parking industry, we've assembled a collection of strategies and best practices to advance your career – just fill out the following information and we'll send you a link! (Don't worry, we promise we'll never give this information to a third party.)

When my company was acquired, I immediately reached out to Marlyn Group and we worked closely together to find my next career. Within a few weeks, I was interviewing with a couple of different organizations and landed my dream job.
— Recent Career Seeker