Success Story: Manufacturing Company

As a growing Manufacturing Company sharpened their focus on newly identified goals, they recognized a need for to prepare emerging leaders for both major organizational change and advancement.

Prominent in the changes they needed to make was a comprehensive emphasis on leadership development for positions company-wide, from the vice president to the direct supervisor roles. Marlyn Group was hired to create such a nimble leadership training program; we focused on team effectiveness, change management, and interpersonal communication, among other aspects of leadership.

Starting with a full-day working session with hiring managers and human resources, we clarified the current leadership’s perspective on many aspects of the organization as well as our work together: the ideal manager, strengths and weaknesses in leadership habits, goals for the leadership training program, and goals for an employee communication system that would sustain skills after the program finishes. With a development project plan approval in hand, we got to work leading the two-day training program for internal leaders. We made sure internal leaders knew the course content, learning exercises, employee evaluations, and action plans so that they would perpetuate the growth moving forward. Within a year, the plan we created and implemented came to fruition on time and within budget. Employee engagement scores improved 16% and turnover decreased by 18%. On average, training participants rated the effectiveness of the program 9 points out of 10. 

Services Provided

  • Leadership Development Training
  • Team Assessment


  • 18% decrease in turnover
  • 16% increase in employee engagement