Success Story: Parking Operator

The CEO of a rapidly expanding parking operator had concerns about the ability of his company’s HR department to ensure the growing employee base kept in step with HR Compliance and other HR related responsibilities.

We entered a relationship with his company to assess existing HR processes, technology, and talent. We analyzed all documentation, interviewed employees and department leaders, and identified key opportunities for growth in both structure and personnel. 

By offering a holistic, unbiased perspective, we played a key role to help change the organization, from leadership positioning to job descriptions. We supported those changes by implementing training programs through which employees could acclimate to new positions or prepare for advances in their careers. Our HR Compliance Program set them up for continued success: we introduced an annually reviewed handbook, complete with federal and state regulations to keep the team at the top of their class year after year.

In working closely with hiring managers and HR, we developed and implemented an hourly recruitment program that supported candidate interviews and evaluation, built on speed and quality. Our work led to a decrease in average days to hire from 21 to 5, decreased turnover from 80% to 50% at the front line associate level and from 47% to 20% at the professional level. After the company implemented our recruitment program, they achieved the goal of 100% proper staffing for their locations.

Services Provided

  • HR Department Assessment
  • Recruitment Program
  • Leadership Training
  • HR Department Restructure


  • 75% decrease in average days to hire 
  • 30% decrease in front line associate turnover
  • 27% decrease in professional turnover