Success Story: Parking Equipment Provider

A parking vendor company had recently gone through reorganization and was expanding nationally. Both the employee team and the newly placed CEO agreed that old practices needed to be analyzed and refreshed.

We were asked to help build reasonable but ambitious initiatives that would improve profitability, internal efficiencies for cost improvement, or increase employee retention/engagement.

We began our one-day session by interviewing all participants to determine the effectiveness of their current team engagement, goals for the year, and employee expectations about goals, reporting, and team communications. From that data collection, we created a program tailored to the company's objectives, complete with business cases and interactive exercises. By the end of the session, the team recognized its shared values in integrity and commitment, among others.

With those values in mind, twelve initiatives were condensed to five, each of which was given a goal owner, project plan, project team, and tailored measurement tools. From January to August, the entire company was engaged in completing the initiatives, which they achieved one month ahead of schedule. All associated employees ultimately adopted the new strategies, ensuring continued development in the future. In more concrete terms, the company beat its financial target by 22% that year, employee engagement increased by 18%, and the executives rated their team effectiveness as greatly improved.

Services Provided

  • Team Assessment
  • Strategic Planning


  • Exceeded financial goals for the year by 22%
  • 18% increase in employee engagement