Success Story: Equipment Installer

We developed a program to elevate the team’s customer service experience to be best-in-class.

Beginning with a thorough assessment of the team's current customer service practices, we interviewed key stakeholders, reviewed all company documentation having to do with customer service, and assessed their former customer service practices. Equipped with a historical understanding of how they've treated their customers in the past, we began our work of improving their methods. 

First, we led a one-day workshop in which we analyzed the company’s model and pinpointed areas of opportunity and potential growth company-wide. Based on knowledge gleaned in that workshop process, we established their customer service standards and shaped three quick-start tactics to begin immediately at the workshop’s completion to improve customer service practices right away. Then, we identified the central obstacle to growth: aligned action with company values, including both internal and external service. When we identified customer service standards and aligned company practices with those expectations, the hindrance was eliminated. We built a new service model around them, leading to a deeper connection between company and customer. Keeping this new, value-driven model in mind, we developed a training program for employees that offered easy-to-implement tactics in line with the new strategy of customer service. By the time our engagement was complete, they were operating with new customer service standards raised to the appropriate level to justify raised service fees. Our work together also helped the company implement additional tactics to further elevate the quality of service provided. 

Services Provided

  • Customer Service Training
  • Leadership Development


  • Customer Satisfaction scores increased by 32% within the first year of implementation
  • Employee engagement survey results improved year over year by 20% on average