Make the most of your recruitment strategy.

If you’re experiencing tough times in today’s market when it comes to hiring the right candidate for the right job, you’re not alone. Even with the most recent activity on Wall Street, the economic forecast still dictates that it’s an employee’s market when it comes to job seeking. Competition for talent has become as much as an imperative in many organizations as it has for new business wins.

Three tips to make sure your employment branding strategy is working

Make training compelling.

We all know what it’s like to participate in a training session that is interesting and engaging versus painfully boring. Facilitators are often assigned this responsibility in addition to their “day job” duties, so no wonder many of them aren’t exactly sure what to do to make the session interesting. Developing and delivering training programs for our clients is a core service we provide at the Marlyn Group, and we maintain high standards that what we produce is relevant and actionable for companies and individuals alike.

three tips for becoming a more effective educator

Get clear on policies.

We know, we know, writing about Employee Handbooks is about as exciting as reading the 4 point font written warranty language on any given gadget.  About the only time a handbook becomes a hot topic of interest is when it’s needed to clarify a policy or an employee issue. To make sure your Employee Handbook meets all objectives intended proactively, follow these easy tips.

Three Tips for creating Employee Handbooks



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