May 06, 2014 – Vicki Pero – Insights

Things to Come

Business concept: Light Bulb and Budgeting on chalkboard
Business concept: Light Bulb and Budgeting on chalkboard

We’re all just settling into reporting on the financial performance of our organizations and departments against the budgets we established in 2013, yet whether your fiscal year is July to June or on a traditional calendar cycle, this time of the year is often when the budgeting process begins. And with it comes the multiple reviews, meetings, many, many Excel spreadsheets and the looming deadline at the end of the tunnel. For some of us, starting and managing this process is like the first time every time. Having lived this ourselves over the years with a few different operators, we’ve decided the theme to this quarter’s new uDrive files is Finance and Accounting for the HR and operational professional.

Whatever role you may play in building your company’s budget, there’s something for everyone in this quarter’s files. On the HR side, we are creating a Corporate G & A (General & Administrative) Expense Budget Template, Financial Analyst Job Description, Travel and Expense Policy, Expense Reimbursement Form and for those of you who are sure what many of the terms I just listed mean, we’re developing a Finance 101 for the Non-Financial Professional Guide.

Don’t worry Operations people, there’s something for you too. The Training and Operational Support Library will include the following additions: Location Budgeting Training Module, Management, Lease and Labor Contract Budget Templates and a Valet Claims Reduction Strategies Training Module. If that last one doesn’t seem to fit the theme, it’s because I promised it to a few members of uDrive nation before we finalized this quarter’s plan.

As always, we will be posting these files as we create them, with all files posted by mid-July, so keep an eye out for the ones that will help you drive your business.