January 20, 2015 – Vicki Pero – Insights

Your uDrive Subscription Just Became Even More Valuable!

udrive adIf you’ve logged onto uDrive recently, you probably noticed a number of new file posting notifications on your dashboard. It’s been another busy quarter developing the resources based on our customer community requests, industry trends and the time of the year. A sampling of what has recently been added includes:

  • Secret Shopper Program Best Practices;
  • Operations Manager New Hire Orientation Program;
  • Developing Successful Client Relationships Training Module;
  • Hiring Ratios Analysis Form;
  • Training Manager and Audit Manager Job Descriptions; and
  • Audit Metrics Calculator Tool.

This quarter, the files we’re creating center around a common theme – technology projects! Here are a few of the files you can expect to see this quarter:

  • Business Analyst and Project Manager Job Descriptions;
  • Project Management Training Module;
  • IT Vendor Analysis Tool;
  • Monthly Parking Shared Services Metrics Calculator; and
  • Location Start Up Expense Budget Template.

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