City of Neptune Beach – Parking & Mobility Manager (Neptune Beach, FL)


The City of Neptune Beach is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Parking & Mobility Manager. The Parking & Mobility Manager is an executive level appointment by the City Manager and reports to the Finance Director. The Parking & Mobility Manager is a key member of the City’s Leadership team and is responsible for creating and implementing the appropriate plans and schedules for events and festivals, coordinating traffic control with the police department. Additional duties include management, verification, auditing, and depositing of City revenue generated from the parking program. Provides staff oversight, supervision and performs administrative duties.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for the Parking and Mobility Management Program.

  • Interview, hire, train, supervise, discipline, and schedule work of staff performing parking control duties.

  • Supervise assigned operations related to parking space/lot control, including provision of appropriate staff appearance and equipment; parking enforcement; public outreach and education; and handling special parking projects as required.

  • Coordinate with legal staff the negotiation, implementation and administration of parking agreements with third parties.

  • Advise supervisor regarding problems, unsafe lot conditions, maintenance deficiencies, signage requirements, etc.

  • Devise and recommend ways to enhance the effectiveness of parking procedures to ensure maximum customer facilitation.

  • Organize and implement resident parking registration program.

  • Make recommendations regarding adjudication of parking tickets; issue temporary parking permits, applications and appeal forms; and accept payment for fees/fines.

  • Supervise Tow and Hold program for vehicles illegally parked after expiration of time limit, as required.

  • Be responsible for monitoring, procurement, and installation of all parking/traffic signs.

  • Maintain necessary records, reports, and files.

  • Assist in parking responsibilities during special programs and events.

  • Responsible for daily reporting of parking for each area and submit reports as needed.

  • Responsible for weekly collection and deposit monies.

  • Respond to public inquiries and provide relevant information regarding parking protocols.

  • Operate motor vehicles, radio transmitters, receivers, and/or other tools and equipment as required.

  • Turnover of prime storefront/on-street parking spaces in the BTC

  • Residents – needs to be a method to insure visitors and others coming to the BTC or beach do not start converging on residential areas. Additional parking management demand for nearby residential streets, and the needs of the residents are not necessarily the same as those of the BTC businesses.

  • Merchant Validation Programs – the Program needs to allow for an “across the board” validation (merchant/customer does not need to worry about which lot or space the customer parked. Validation application and associated billing would be handled through Program Management.

  • Signage Pollution is a concern, the program needs to be as universal as possible in order to minimize the amount of signage.

  • Seamless – program must be inclusive, to include as many properties and parking spaces as can be assembled under one umbrella.

  • Friendly, Professional and Reassuring staff/attendants physically running the Program will, in many cases be the only opportunity to insure the customer/visitor has a positive impression of their visit to the BTC. They need to not only be Parking Enforcement, but also serve as Ambassadors who are able to assist all customers.

  • Responsive – Program Management must be available and responsive at all times.

  • Representative – all BTC stakeholders (CONB, COAB, BTC Agency, Merchants) should be represented and have direct input on program decisions.

  • Policy Priority – while it is understood and agreed that revenue is of key importance, it must also be understood that all of the points listed above have equal weight with revenue when policy is being developed.

  • Shared Parking Solution – an inventory of existing surface level parking throughout both cities needs to be conducted to determine the available parking inventory for all existing business and new business.

  • Parking Facility License Agreements must be entered into and a parking management service structured. A shared parking solution must be adopted by both cities to provide a logical parking solution that provides shuttle and valet to and from parking in the off-site parking inventory. In order to continue growing and maintain the charm and walkability characteristics that make the BTC desirable we need to avoid devoting valuable property to asphalt wherever and whenever feasible.

  • Beachside Shuttle is convenient for residents, visitors and employees. The service needs to continue and be expanded as it brings more foot traffic with no traffic impact. It is critical to the success of an Employee parking program, designated satellite parking and events that are held within the BTC, as well as vital for residents wanting to visit the BTC.

  • Community Valet Service – the concept of an on-demand “front door” valet service allows us to utilize peripheral parking locations for visitors and customers. As with the

  • Beachside Shuttle this brings more foot traffic without any impact on parking inventory in the BTC footprint.

  • Beach Access Valet Service – providing the potential for on-demand valet service for beach visitors allows us to utilize peripheral parking locations for Beach visitors. The Beach Access Valet Service would meet the beach visitor at the designated Beach Access point and help unload beach necessities from the family car and move the vehicle to the designated beach Valet parking lot. When the visiting beach family is ready to leave they simply text the valet and their family car is returned to the designated beach access point. This service would be in conjunction with the Beachside Shuttle and again brings more foot traffic without any impact on parking inventory in the BTC footprint.

  • Beach Visitors – while those visiting the beach may not always stop in one of the BTC businesses we understand it is critical for them to have a positive impression of the area and to hopefully come back to shop or eat at another time. Many of the persons visiting the beach for the day do patronize BTC businesses already, their experience must be enjoyable.

  • Employee Parking Program – employees are as critical as customers to any business, and providing safe, convenient parking at no cost to the employee is something that must be provided. Appropriate Employee Satellite Parking and the requisite Shuttle to and from the BTC Employee Parking lot is a necessity for all BTC businesses.

  • Perform other related duties as assigned to include, but not be limited to the following items/issues to be studied, reviewed and addressed for the Beaches Town Center and surrounding Beach Communities.


  • Qualified candidates will have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university plus five (5) years of related experience in parking management, including at least one (1) year of supervisory responsibilities. Starting salary is dependent upon qualifications. Must be able to pass a pre-employment drug test and thorough background check. Must possess a valid Florida driver’s license.


Call for more information (904) 270-2400 ext. 30

The City of Neptune Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and marital status or other nonmerit factors, except where such factor is a bona-fide occupational qualification or is required by State and/or Federal law.