The innovative monthly parking solution based on a people-first model and backed by real experts.

How it works:

Zephire’s innovative technology and cutting-edge features enable your people to automate their workflows so you can maximize revenues and delight your clients.  Its smart technology empowers you to drive internal efficiencies and changes the way customers interact with parking every day. 

Let’s focus on creating parking experiences that drive business, together. 

Change the way you do business

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For Operators

Zephire makes administrative tasks a breeze for operators–it’s a simple platform based on our expert design, packed with features you need to free up resources and time.


  • Group Account Management

  • Monthly Invoices & Payment

  • Consolidated ATB Tracking

  • Automated Work Flows

  • Real-time Analytics

  • Streamlined Reporting


For Your Parkers

A parking space can make or break someone’s day. Zephire will put your monthly customers on a path to smooth parking.


  • Account Set-up & Management

  • Space Availability

  • Accurate Pricing & Online Bill Pay

  • Instant Lot Credentials

  • Waitlist Notifications

  • Easy Communications with Operators


Know your numbers. Now.

Get Real time analytics so you can make decisions fast


Zephire brings real-time analytics to monthly parking so operators can make quick decisions, keep tabs on KPIs, and maximize revenue streams. The user-friendly toolset lets you easily customize reports, filter results, save settings, and export your data. Zephire is a game changer in monthly parking!

Get the most from your space.

  • Custom drag and drop dashboard

  • TLM/Group Management Usage

  • Individual Parking Usage

  • Waitlist Reports

  • TTM, Same Store YOY

  • Holistic Revenue Tracking


They have the power.

Give true autonomy to your monthly parkers


With Zephire, your monthly parkers can take control of their accounts. No more manual entry from your end either! Parkers are able to find, book, and pay for their parking at multiple locations with a few clicks. And, with automated credential delivery, they’ll be able to park as soon as you say.

Free up your time, and your parkers’.

  • True account management (signup, reserve, waitlist, billing, cancelation)

  • Automated account notifications and emails (rate changes, closures, need-to-knows, payment due, waitlist alerts)

  • Easy credential management (activation, suspension, reactivation, smartphone access, temporary hangtag printouts)

Transparent and trackable.

access and manage group accounts


No more missed timelines or extensive audits. Zephire allows operators to enter and track tenant contract terms and conditions. Discounts, timelines, rate changes–whatever it might be–all automated and tracked. Operators and their clients can login and see where things stand in real time, keeping everyone on the same page.


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